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The Value of Investing In Yourself - by Chantell Steinke

Fri, May 07, 2021 8:00 AM | Anonymous

Investing... what does that make you think of first? Is it about stocks, finances, property, or even in your future, maybe? Sure, those are obviously important to a successful life and overall outcome, but what about INVESTING in YOURSELF?

A personal investment is the act of devoting time, effort, energy, and money to a particular undertaking with the expectation of a certain result. It's also something worth buying to be useful in the future. Soooooo putting in the time and every into ourselves seems super useful to our futures. This can look different for all of us, just depending on our priorities.

As a hairstylist, I make my living from people who invest in themselves every day, in just one of the many possible ways out there. Though the term "self-care" has gotten a little misinterpreted recently, I think. It seems to be thought of as just getting bougie expensive services while neglecting the rest of the world. But let's go into what SELF CARE really means. It's simple; it's actually just taking care of yourself inside and out. We get to live with ourselves every day, so we should enjoy that relationship and feel our best to take on the world with confidence and fulfillment.

There are many ways to invest in yourself; yes, time in the salon is definitely one way! How having the hair you want, which is the one accessory you never take off, helps your image and appearance to yourself and to others. Devoting yourself to a new challenge or hobby is a great way to invest in your past times. How about working out? This is investing in your health and body, right? Another way to get some worth out of our careers is to invest in continuing education. The more we learn about our passions, the more we get to share and grow. Even hanging out with family and friends is simply Investing time in those relationships to bring us joy and future happiness.

Self Care is for EVERYONE and should most definitely be a requirement! When we are satisfied and full, we're able to be the best possible friend, parent, partner, coworker, and human.

So the VALUE of INVESTING in self-care is pretty darn clear... to produce the most abundant and bright future for our minds to live in.


Chantell Steinke is a hairstylist at Voiage Salon in midtown CdA. She is passionate about expanding her mind and horizons through education, meeting new people, and learning about herself.

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