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  • BLOG: 9 Reasons You Should Write A Blog for KCYP
  • Fri, June 10, 2022 8:00 AM | Anonymous
    1. You're Not Just Providing Content For KCYP
      When you blog for KCYP, you're not just providing great content for KCYP, you're also doing so for your business. Putting yourself out there as a guest blogger has a ton of benefits, & showing that you have the credibility to place content on a well-known community platform is BIG.

    2. You're Getting Noticed On The KCYP Social Media Pages
      When posted, we will share on all platforms (Facebook, Instagram & LinkedIn), & tag you. This will give you kudos, much deserved attention & might just even get you new social media followers!

    3. You're Seeing Clicks!
      Blogging is still a prominent part of the online world, & that's because search engines love great keywording. Your blog post will be up for the world to see for years to come, continuously bringing you website hits, just be sure to include a bio at the end of your blog so we can link back to your website (& your social media)!

    4. You're Backlinking Your Website
      Backlinking helps you rank on search engines like Google because it shows them that you are a reputable source - especially when guest posting on a website ending in ".org".

    5. You're Sharing Expert Knowledge On Various Topics
      KCYP is looking for meaningful content to help further the amazing entrepreneurs in our area. Share what you know & show our community what you have to offer based on your field of expertise.

    6. You're Creating More Content For Your Social Media Platforms
      When a blog post goes up, this content can be used & reused on various social media platforms. You're not just creating content for KCYP - it's your content too!

    7. You're Building Your Mailing List... If You Want To
      If you have great resources & are providing quality content consistently, we will link to your website and readers can sign up for your mailing list!

    8. You Have Opportunities To Make It Simple
      It doesn't have to be complicated! If you aren't sure what to write about, you can browse through a variety of blog topics KCYP already has that haven't yet been written about. If you know what you want to write, but aren't sure how to format it, you could do it interview style.

    9. You're Helping Our Community!!!
      Every blog post is designed to help anyone locally to further their small businesses, & get more involved in the community. Reach out to Sydney Stinson if you're interested in participating. 


    Sydney Stinson began her career in manufacturing almost 10 years ago. She studied Business Administration at Washington State University and started working as an Administrative Assistant for her family's CNC machine shop, Accurate CNC Services. Today, she is the Chief Administrative Officer and runs the business with her brother, hoping to carry on her family's legacy. Outside of serving as the PR Director for KCYP for the second year, she is involved in Women In Manufacturing.

    Amy Riordan is a Coeur d'Alene Commercial Photographer & FAA Certified Drone Pilot specializing in helping small businesses succeed in online media. She is also a proud mom, wife, dog mom, writer & runner. 

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