Interested in getting involved with KCYP? Join a committee!

Check out the calendar to see when and where each committee meets

Events Committee

Committee Chairs: James Perkinson & Jacob Bonwell

The Events committee is responsible for planning KCYP’s monthly events. Our monthly meetings consistent of a Morning Meeting (1st Tuesday of the month [except June-August]) and an Evening Meeting (3rd Thursday of the month). Being part of the events committee will help us put on awesome events.

Marketing & Business Development Committee

Committee Chairs: Arwyn Robinson & James Perkinson

The Marketing & Business Development Committee is responsible for KCYP’s social media, website, external communications, and acquiring sponsors. Interested in helping spread the word of KCYP, join us!

Philanthropy and Community Committee

Committee Chairs: Cassidy Bones & Jacob Bonwell

Philanthropy & Community Committee is responsible for organizing ways for KCYP to give back to the community. They look for ways for members to give back with various projects like donation drives, community service projects, and immediate community needs.

Membership Committee

Committee Chair: Ashley Yates

Membership committee is responsible for ensuring current members are getting the most out of their membership and recruiting new members to join KCYP. Are you interested in meeting other young professionals and helping to grow KCYP? Join membership committee.

Finance Committee

Committee Chairs: Jesse Johnson and Heather Twidt

Finance Committee is responsible for KCYP’s budget and expenses. They allocate resources to appropriate projects that KCYP is working on.