Kootenai County’s Top 30 Under 40

In Kootenai County, we have tremendous talent within our young professional demographic and KCYP would like to help recognize it. Kootenai County Young Professionals presents: “Kootenai County’s Top 30 Under 40.” This is an opportunity to be rewarded for outstanding service to the community, business accomplishments, and overall awesomeness.

Winners will be recognized in the community, receive an award, and have bragging rights for an entire year! Nominations open each year beginning September 1st, and close at 11:59p October 31st. Winners will receive their award during Elevate 2019 (January).

An independent judging panel made up of business and community leaders in Kootenai County will be brought in to select the winners. Our judges will review applications and select the winners each November. Winners will be announced in December.

Contest Rules:

  1.  Must be nominated by someone other than yourself – sorry, no self nominating here.
  2. Winners from previous years can win multiple years, after a 1 year rest period. If you’re killing it year after year, THANK YOU. We appreciate your hard work and dedication to making Kootenai County a great place to work and live.
  3. Must be under 40 years of age by December 31, 2018. Yes, that is what “under 40” means…
  4. Nominee does not have to be a member of KCYP, Chamber of Commerce, or any other specific club/membership to be nominated.

Nomination request must include the following:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Work Position Title & Employer
  • Explanation of why you are nominating candidate
  • Contact information for candidate (email and phone preferred)

Please submit nomination to: contactkcyp@gmail.com with subject line: “Top 30 under 40 Nomination”.

Once Nomination is received, each candidate will receive an email with a nomination form to be filled out and returned. An independent judging panel will review both the nomination form filled out by the nominee and the original nomination email. If the judging panel is unable to narrow down the nominee’s to 30 winners, based off of the information provided, judging panel does have ability to require in person interviews.


Interested in sponsoring Elevate 2019? Come connect with those who lifted up our community in 2018, while kicking off the great year ahead. Start your 2019 off right with a red carpet entrance, Top 30 Under 40 recognition and awards, and much more! Please contact Cassidy Bones, Vice-President of KCYP & Elevate Co-Chair at Contactkcyp@gmail.com

Interested in sponsoring Top 30 Under 40? We are currently seeking ONE sponsorship for the Top 30 Under 40 program. Sponsorship would include business name on all Top 30 Under 40 awards, Recognition in all Top 30 Under 40 marketing & exclusive access to the VIP Happy Hour with all yearly winners of the award. If interested please reach out to Ashley Yates @ contactkcyp@gmail.com


Kootenai County Top 30 Under 40 2017 Winners (these rock stars are in their rest year for 2018, they can be nominated again in 2019.)

Jared Smith

Ashley Yates

Kelsey Moen

Ashley Anderson

Lauren Benedict

Dr Jana Hull

Andrea Neary

Ali Koski

David Bobbitt

Emily Aizawa

Jessica Ball

Dr Ryan Bones

Cassidy Bones

Brad Rasor

Nick Leonard

Hannah Tagliaferro

Luke Emerson

Jody Hiltenbrand

Scott Ansel

Jillian Caires

Julie Amador

Jess Johnson

Jacob Bonwell

Miranda Hamilton

Nick Swope