Top 30 Under 40

Kootenai County’s Top 30 Under 40

In Kootenai County, we have tremendous talent and it is time to be recognized for it. Kootenai County Young Professionals presents: “Kootenai County’s Top 30 Under 40.” This is an opportunity to be rewarded for outstanding service to the community, business production, or overall awesomeness.

Winners will be recognized in the community, receive an award, and have bragging rights for an entire year! Nominations open staring September 1st and end on October 31st. There will be an independent judge panel made up of business leaders in our community. Judge’s interviews will take place in November and winners will be announced in January of 2018.

Contest Rules:

  1.  Must be nominated by someone other than yourself (Someone else has to vouch for you)
  2. Independent judge board will review applications and interviews to determine winners (No favorites here)
  3. Winners from previous years can win multiple years (This is no participation trophy)
  4. Must be under 40 years of age by December 31, 2017 (Yes, that is what under 40 means)
  5. Does not have to be a member of KCYP, Chamber of Commerce, or any club to be nominated (But may help to be involved)


Nomination request must include the following:

  • Name of Nominee
  • Work Position Title
  • Explanation of why you are nominating candidate
  • Contact information for candidate (email and phone preferred)

Please submit nomination to: with subject line: “Top 30 under 40 Nomination”

Once Nomination is received, each candidate will receive an email with a nomination form to be filled out and returned. An independent interview will be set up by judge responsible for interviewing candidate.